MORRFlate MORRFlate-Quad+155WB
MORRFlate MORRFlate-Quad+155WB
MORRFlate MORRFlate-Quad+155WB

MORRFlate MegaQuad (4 Tire, Up to 200″ Wheelbase) with built-in Gauge

SKU: MORRFlate-MegaQuad+200WB


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MORRFlate Mega Quad+ with Built in Gauge (200” Wheelbase)

- Air up 1 to 4 tires simultaneously (Less stress on your compressor!)
- Air down 1 to 6 tires simultaneously (Less stress on you!)
- Check all of the tires’ PSI from the manifold
- Move air from a spare tire into other tires
- Effortlessly equalize tire pressures
- Make all 4 tires the same pressure
- Run different PSI in the front tires from the back tires
- This version fits up to a 200" wheelbase with the air source in the middle of the front or rear bumper areas.

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