Total Chaos '59698
Total Chaos 59698-SB
Total Chaos 59698-SB
Total Chaos 59698-SB

Total Chaos Spindle Gussets

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These gussets were designed to reinforce a known weak link on your Toyota. Unexpected harsh front impacts at high speed or while under braking can cause catastrophic damage to your factory spindle / knuckle. These weld-on gussets were originally designed for the US military and their 8000 lb. body armored vehicles. Dont get stranded on the trail. Protect your OE parts.

- Must have reinforcement for anyone who wants to play in the dirt!

- Strengthens spindle uprights and prevents the knuckle from damage during hard impacts.

- Retains the factory sway bar and includes an additional steering arm gusset.

- 1/8'' prebent laser cut mild steel brackets.

- Welding and grinding are required to install.

- Factory spindles are forged, not cast and gussets can be MIG or TIG welded directly to them.

- Trucks running factory back spacing wheels must run 1.25'' wheel spacers. To clear without spacers, aftermarket wheels must have a maximum backspace of 4.5'' for 16'' wheels and 4.75'' for 17'' wheels.

- Kit includes 1 pair of gussets for driver and passenger side.

- These are model specific. Check your year, make & model.

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